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Millionaire Guide

RELEASE DATE IS JULY 15TH FOR PRICE ONLY $12.97 WITH SPECIAL GIFTS AFTER JULY 15TH the special will no longer be available and the Price goes up….as featured on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and Vbook. Look sis, I say this in love: it’s time to get busy living or die. Settling for living a mediocre life has got to STOP being an option for you NOW. YOU are NOT mediocre. You are special and a gift to all of Us. And it’s time for you to marvel at your magnificence and let the world do the same. Pre-ordering this eBook is a no-brainer—if you are serious about your seven-figure success. It’s time for you to claim your rightful place at the top it’s time for you to WIN!   Let me pour my multi-million dollar brain trust into you. I want to. But you have got to want it for yourself—more than you want to breathe. Are you panting, gasping—are you RAVENOUS to win, girl!!! ...to fast track it to your 1st million with ease, fulfillment, and succulent self-expression? (I think I heard you whisper yes…) Then join me in this once in a lifetime history in the making. And on other side of being a seven-figure sister, you will NEVER have to slave or kiss a$$ again…. Your Seven-Figure Destiny is waiting… 7 Secrets ebook review

I’ve created the incredible eBook you’ve been hoping for. Praying for. Wishing with all your being SOMEONE would finally create. To help seven-figure sisters trapped in a six-figure reality to bust out. Break through. And cash in. And that’s exactly what I’ve done! And you’re just seconds away from reserving your ebook plus special gifts to get you on track quickly!  

----------->Your Seven-Figure Destiny is waiting right here<-----------

This ground-breaking eBook was custom-crafted by a Black Woman for Black Women. And it combines all of the juicy wisdom from key principals to live by and do.   When pre purchase this eBook, you will take a deep dive into never-before-revealed secrets and strategies to finally shatter the 7-figure ceiling! You will discover:

  • Why “working hard” actually REPELS you from being a sister millionaire. (Crazy, right? As Black Women we have been socially rewarded for working hard—which is why we hover near the seven-figure mark, but haven’t crossed it in masse—until now!
  • The #1 secret every Black Woman millionaire I know used to break her first million!
  • How your relationship with your momma and your daddy—good, bad, or non-existent—is manipulating your million-dollar future

PLUS — you receive both the internal AND external strategies to fast track YOU to your 1st million when pre-order!

----------->I Want to PRE-ORDER Your Seven-Figure Destiny is waiting<------



There was a time when you KNEW you were going to be a millionaire so you could change the world! Now, you may not have said those words. You may have said, “I am going to be rich and famous.” Or cure cancer, or build a school in Africa for black baby girls… But you set your mind to it. And were on your way. You went from five-figures to breaking your 1st six-figures and then multiple six-figures.

But something happened on the road to fulfilling your destiny.


Simply said: Life Left You Broke and Broken.


(I am sorry, to have to go there. On some level it still hurts…)

Because at some level you KNOW: You should have been a millionaire by now. You should have been living the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard for. You should have been making the massive impact on others your soul cries out for. You should have been experiencing the succulent self-expression that makes every moment a living joy. But knowing this only makes it more painful that no matter what you try, your destiny remains elusive. Out of reach. With no end in sight to your exhausting struggle. Well, my budding entrepreneurial, the gate just opened. The fog cleared. The road to your real, 7-figure sisterhood opened wide in front of you (finally!). And the best part is … the secrets that get you started won’t cost you a dime.

----------->Your Seven-Figure Destiny is waiting right here<-----------

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Add and get a FREE gift an ebook on Wealth creation. Because quite frankly, you know it and I know it: You’re DONE with making other people rich with your genius. (Okay) You’re done being the strong one for others. You’re done being the unsung hero. This is YOUR time! Which is why I’ve boiled everything I know about breaking the 7-figure ceiling into an electrifying ebook called 7 steps to Black Women Millionaire Mindset:




This brand new eBook is on pre-order and will help you Get Results, and put you on the fast track to BEING a seven-figure sister with ease, fulfillment and succulent self-expression — without slavin’ or kissing a$$!… Real talk: NO ONE is teaching super successful Black Women how to break the million dollar mark in a way that accounts for the history of hurts we as Black Women have inherited AND honors our swag. That's why I created the Black Women Millionaires Mindset eBook. So you can understand the real principals of being a seven-figure sister up close. I want you to dream again. To believe again. I want you to get back to that KNOWING, clarity (and yes confidence) that YOU can be a Black Woman millionaire who can change the world -- broken and all.

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