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Adventure travel | Bitcoin | GladiaCoin
Since we travel around the world, and people always ask how we pay to 
these opportunities we will tell you what what we currently do.

First you have to study the new crypto currency industry a little so you understand the power and the simplicity of what we do. Then you will need to put together a plan on how you will be spending your bitcoins.

 Some examples would be:
Bitcoin ATM’s for local fiat currency
Businesses that accept bitcoin directly
Bitcoin Debit cards
Gift cards paid for with bitcoin

In other articles on this site we have covered these individually so you can refer to those articles later. For right now we are going to refer to how we currently use software ran by a site called Gladiacoin. This allows us to earn bitcoin each day as we travel. So unlike in our early days we now get paid daily. So if we run out of money 24hrs later more is inside our bitcoin wallet. So here is what we did and how you can copy what we are doing.
Sign up your main Gladiacoin
1.                     Fund your main account at spartacus 2 for 0.10 Bitcoin
2.                     Using your own account referral link create 2 accounts on your left side and right side.
3.                     Fund your two new accounts at spartacus 2 for a total of 0.2 bitcoin
4.                     Create a bitpay wallet and have all three accounts pay to this wallet
5.                     Use all of your earnings and keep upgrading your main wallet and then the others
6.                     Tell others about the opportunity and grow your additional funding opportunities
Since as travelers you meet allot of new people sharing what is working for you can be a blessing to others and also help you making it a win  opportunity. This is what we are focused on now and for the foreseeable future.
If you need a sponsor you may join us at: 
Happy Travels!

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